M.E.T. – Martian Emergency Team

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Competition Results

25 October 2021

A little bit late, but the blog wouldn’t be complete without this retrospective.

Fish Tank

2 July 2021

When we talk about the fish tank for PiWars Feed The Fish challenge first phrase that come to me is ‘Cheap Chinese Holographic Displays’ as if we are living in the near future where those do exist. But unfortunately I am not aware that they are made, yet. Original idea was to go there and find a way to ‘put’ some fish in a fish tank. I am sure that many other teams had similar ideas. Question was only how to make it look like real fish tank!

Phantom 2.0

30 June 2021

Introducing Phantom 2.0, our robot for the 2021 competition, in its “final” form!

Shooter Mechanism

27 June 2021

The design of our shooter mechanism started in 2019, for shooting zombies at the 2020 Disaster Zone competition. This design – like many others – has of course been simplified since and had to be adapted to more peaceful purposes in 2021.