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Motor Control Problems

12 March 2019

In Pi Wars, there are a lot of puzzles and problems to solve. Some are hard, some are easier, but they are all fun, an opportunity to learn, experiment, do something crazy – that’s the whole point! But there is always one (or two!) completely new problem that turns up totally unexpected, usually at the worst possible time, and messes up all your plans. The famous unknown unknowns… These are usually not much fun.

Speed Sensors and PCBs

6 March 2019

Among the many things we wanted to improve in our robot design since last year, these two are probably the most important:

Remote Control

28 January 2019

Finally, an update with some walking, running and spinning! We have a long way to go, but at least we have basic remote control working.


19 November 2018

In our previous robot, in the 2018 Pi Wars, we used separate batteries for the electronics. This was an easy and reliable solution to avoid any interference from electrical noise generated by DC motors. But it’s not very efficient: the batteries will not discharge at the same rate – and just two would probably provide enough total capacity anyway. This time we want to reduce the weight and also save some space.